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Be open minded...Its beautiful

Be exclusive...Its beautiful

Be free...Its beautiful

NNB  is an upcycling clothing brand based in Ukraine. Brand was founded in 2018 by Mariia Zabudska and Milena Kholkowska. This is the story of two friends, who stand for style and conscious consumption.


We want to show the world that we can wear clothes that matter. The way we do this is , by recycling the clothes and remaking it into something special to your heart. We stand for style and beauty that supports an eco friendly planet.


We use  raw materials from thrift stores, which people no longer wear and greatly underestimate. We gave totally new life for that good quality tissue.

Without any harm to our planet.

Let's make the world Better. Let's unload this beautiful place where we live. Let's live not in a closet but outside. Let's look wider.

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